Jenny Jozwiak
Picture of Jenny Jozwiak
Jenny Jozwiak is an award-winning travel and culture photographer, whose work in photojournalism and spontaneous portraiture has received wide acclaim. Her passion has taken her to 40 countries, where she has shown a unique gift for capturing the intimate lives of people and their environment.

Her work has been published and exhibited in many prestigious venues. Jenny is currently directing the exciting photodocumentary competition "Diversity of Devotion: Celebrating New York's Spiritual Harmony" for the nonprofit photography collective Positive Focus. She offers private and group photography workshops.

2008 Awarded Grant by the Brooklyn Arts Counsel
for the "Diversity of Devotion" project, exhibited
in the Grand Lobby of the Brooklyn Public Library
2007 Honorable Mention
Juror: Michelle Dunn Marsh, Director of Aperture West
Texas Photographic Society Competition: "Transformations"
2006 Publication and portfolio distribution, Positive Focus, Inc.
International Body of Work Competition, 2006
2004 Residency to study AVID editing and video production,
Brooklyn Community Access Television
2003 Gordon Parks Documentary Photo Competition, Finalist
2003 SoHo International Art Competition, Finalist
Juror: Charlotta Kotik, Curator of Art, Brooklyn Museum, NY
1992 "Donald Blackie Award for Excellence", Salmagundi Club, NY
2009 "Abierto / Cerrado", Photographic work by: Jenny Jozwiak
ArteCentro Graciela Andrade de Paiz. Guatemala City, Guatemala
2009 ""Portals of the World", Photographic work by: Jenny Jozwiak
Meson Panza Verde Gallery. Antigua, Guatemala
2008 "A Case of Conscience"
Queens Museum of Art
Commissioned work, depicting the rich and varied religious life of Flushing
2008 "The Artful Nude" Exhibit
at the Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
Juror: Kim Weston
2008 "Transformations" Exhibit
at the HP Gallery in New York City
and travelling to other major metropolitan areas in the US
uror: Michelle Dunn Marsh, Director of Aperture West
2008 "Diversity of Devotion"
Grand Lobby, Brooklyn Public Library
Project developed and curated by Jenny Jozwiak
2007 "Diversity of Devotion" Inaugural Exhibit
at the Safe-T Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn
Project developed and curated by Jenny Jozwiak
2006 The Brooklyn Lyceum, "Womanhouse 2", Brooklyn, NY
2005 Two Trees Gallery, "Soul Witness" Group Exhibit, DUMBO
2005 The United Nations, "Indigenous Peoples Exhibit", NY
2005 Corridor Galley, "Project Diversity", Group Exhibit, Brooklyn, NY
Sponsored by The Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation
2005 Kanvas Gallery, Solo Show, Chelsea, NY
2004 Stepping Stone Gallery, Group Exhibit, Huntington, NY
Juror: Andrea Modica
2003 Salmagundi Club, Juried Group Exhibit, NY
2003 Credit Suisse First Boston, Solo Exhibit, NY Corporate Office
2002 Tribes Gallery, 10th Anniversary Group Exhibit, NY
2001 Grand Central Station, Vanderbilt Hall, NY
"Celebration of Humanity" International Traveling Exhibit (M.I.L.K.)
Juror: Elliot Erwitt
1999 The I Gallery, "Gender Spectrum" Group Exhibit, NY
1998 New York Open Center, "Nepali by Heart", NY
1998 Columbia University South Asia Institute, Solo Exhibit, NY
1992 Gallery Americano, TriBeCa, Two Person Show, NYC
"100 New York Photographers" Included as a featured photographer in this
hardcover art book edited by Cynthia Dantzic
and published by Schiffer Press
"Moment" Magazine Featured Photographer
"SHOTS" Magazine Featured in the "Animals" Issue
American Photo Magazine "Photographer's Focus" interview
"Foto" Magazine Article and 4-page photo feature
"Family - A Celebration of Humanity" "Celebration of Humanity"
  Exhibit Companion Book, HarperCollins
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Travel Brochures 2003-2006
Promotional Calendar Catholic Guardian Society, NYC
Other Publications Canadian Living, Spin, Details, Village Voice,
. Miami Herald, NY Newsday, City Sun,
  Pulse, Guardian
Sullivan & Cromwell, NY Corporate Collection
Christie's Auction House, NY Garland Appeal Fundraiser
Lincoln Center, NY French Conservatory of Music Auction
Nepali Embassy, United Nations Collection
Numerous private collections  
Curatorial Projects
2009 "TranscenDance", Photographic work by: Rogelio Clara
Curated by Jenny Jozwiak
ArteCentro Graciela Andrade de Paiz. Guatemala City, Guatemala
2008 "Diversity of Devotion: Celebrating New York's Spiritual Harmony"
Grand Lobby, Brooklyn Public Library, NY
Project Developed and Curated by Jenny Jozwiak
2007 "Diversity of Devotion: Celebrating New York's Spiritual Harmony" Inaugural Exhibit
Safe-T Gallery. DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY
Project Developed and Curated by Jenny Jozwiak
Lectures & Workshops
"Traveling the World as a Female Photographer" International Art Conference,
Barnard College, NY
"Travel and Photography Workshop". Credit Suisse First Boston, NY
"Professional Women Photographers Exhibit" Time/Life Building Galleria, NY
"Indigenous Peoples Celebration" Museum of Natural History, NY
"Solo World Travel" Guest Lecture Series Columbia University, NY
"The Business of Travel Photography" The Learning Annex, NY
Travel Photography Slideshow and Lecture TriBeCa Artists' Program, NY
Reviews from galleries and publication
The phrase: "A Celebration of Humanity" perfectly describes Ms. Jozwiak's award-winning photography, also the title of the international photography exhibition and beautiful hard-cover book that currently features her work. The exhibit, recently on display in Grand Central Station, is now travelling around the world. Jenny's work is the crystallization of enlightenment and unexpected beauty found in a distant land or human expression. She captures the story of people and the landscapes that hold them, all with tender consideration and insight. Affectionate rather than exploitive, her images seek out the redeeming rather than the abject. However, Jenny's work never shies from difficult subject matter. her docuentation of people in impoverished countries show character through both good and bad fortune, always leaving her subjects with dignity, but shooting with fearlessness, her imagery encompasses an unusually large slice of life.

Agora Gallery, NYC

Words from Art Lovers
These are such powerful photographs. They are either very intimate or very epic in nature, there is no middle ground. You have captured your subjects in those moments that can reach your soul. J. Gray
I think this is one of the most incredible bodies of photographic work that I've ever seen. I just love to browse this site. R. Tattors
I purchased the photo of the sepia-toned woman with the beautiful hands and basket at the Mystic Art fair this past Saturday. She is so wonderful to meditate on. What a soul you captured. You are a wonderful sharer of international stories of life and simplicity of being! Your photos call to me even now. Thanks for touching my spirit. E. Moldenhauer
For my 60th birthday, my daughter sent me one of your photographs: "Baby Bundle," Guatemala. The picture made me cry, it is so beautiful... I wish all children could travel to developing countries. We gain such a depth and compassion for others with travel. Thank you so much for the beauty you create. J. Bunney
Comments from Private Students and Workshop Attendees
The lesson was great. The best thing you did was to make me think systematically about my whole approach to photography, and you highlighted issues that I'd never really thought about before. K. Young
I've attended a few seminars lately that have put me to sleep, so I almost didn't sign up for your seminar last week at the New School. Luckily (since I saw you were a M.I.L.K. award-winner and that exhibit was amazing!) I did sign up. I found the seminar to be an enjoyable and worthwhile way to spend my evening, so "thank you"! I picked up some helpful tips, enjoyed seeing your work, and left encouraged that I am on the right track. Actually, the day after your seminar I sold my first photos-which is very encouraging! L. Harsh
My lesson with Jenny Jozwiak was priceless. A gifted photographer and teacher, Jenny patiently walked me through everything I needed to know to take better pictures, from lenses, filters and film to cropping, overexposure, and other tricks of the trade. She not only revealed the secrets of her own stunning photographs, she also thoroughly reviewed my work and gently provided invaluable feedback. I plan to continue to consult her as I grow into the craft, and recommend her lessons whole-heartedly. J. Cantor
Recently I had a very helpful session, one-on-one, with Jenny Jozwiak. I had pursued photography as a serious hobby about 15 yeas ago, but was in need of refresher instruction, especially with regard to composition and depth of field. I was pleased with the lesson, because not only was Jenny thoroughly informed, but she was able to transmit information clearly and patiently. She also took time to assess my interests and build on my facility with my camera. D. Xiquez
Recommendations from private clients
This letter is in reference to our wedding, which you photographed in November, 2004. We wish to thank you for the wonderful job you did. Your photos are vivid and expressive, and they serve as an exceptional documentary of our wedding day. Best of all, however, was your presence at the wedding and reception. You made everyone feel very comfortable as you worked with ease about the various groups, and you captured---as well as added to---the spirit of the day.

Thinking back over the wedding, we feel that the success of the day was due in part to the relationship you formed with us. You provided us with your creative input while encouraging our own flow of ideas. This preparation allowed us to relax and enjoy the day.

We are happy to recommend you to future clients and share our experiences with them. Thank you once again for your beautiful work and the special part you played on our wedding day.

Jeffrey Clark &
Simone Hannah-Clark