Rape of the Mind: King's Park Lunatic Asylum
"Rape of the Mind" is a series of photographs of Buildings 136 & 137 of Kings Park Lunatic Asylum (est. 1885, Eastern Long Island). These buildings were the surgical facilities where shock-treatments and lobotomies were readily administered. After closing its doors in 1996, the building fell into ruin. Walking through the recovery rooms was a disturbing and haunting experience--I felt as though the emotions of the patients had seeped into the walls. As the many colorful layers of paint peel away like skin or petals, a beautiful and chilling canvas of fear and despair remains.

Cambodian Tragedy: S-21 and the Landmine Museum
In the heart of Phnom Penh sits "S-21", also known as the "Museum of Torture"---an infamous school where thousands of men, women and children were tortured, mutilated and killed by the child-soldiers of the Khmer Rouge. The young torturers were victims themselves, held hostage by the knowledge that if they dared disobey their commanders, the same horrific fate would befall them.

Double Exposures
While traveling in Kenya, I accidentally ran a roll of slide film through my camera twice. The result surprised and delighted me - so much so, that when traveling through Cuba, I decided to do it again. Almost everyone who has ever used film at one time or another has unintentionally created a double exposure. Sometimes the results are terrible, sometimes wonderful: Aunt Lolly's face superimposed on the family cat or an "art" shot of Times Square melts into Greenwood Cemetery. I am grateful for these wonderful accidents... due to the ever-pervasive use of digital they happen all too rarely. The decisive, yet inadvertent double exposure is my homage to both Cuba, a land on the verge of change---and to Velvia slide film - my first love.

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