Living Horizons
"The first photo from this project gave me the title. In a courtyard in Bruges, Belgium, I found an area which had a strange and foreboding quality to it. It seemed that the land and trees were somehow coming to reclaim their lost territory. The wooden houses in the background were made from the bodies of trees and the trees in the foreground were taking a stand to retrieve their lost brethren. I imagine that nature is at odds with our man-made impositions and structures and there is a silent battle being waged against us. Who do you think will ultimately win?

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2001: "A Day in the Life"
After the attacks of 9/11, which I witnessed from the roof of my home, I traveled to Ireland to recover. Northern Ireland, now embracing a tentative peace, was once an area steeped in severe conflict. Imagine what it must be like to be attacked, not by foreigners, by one's associates, friends and neighbors---by people who speak the same language and have grown up on your same native soil. I spent the day walking through the both Catholic and Protestant (Loyalist) neighborhoods, trying to understand how ordinary people, who are virtually indistinguishable from one another, could kill each other over an ideology. These photos are of what remains of the conflict: terrifying wall murals; men with scars from their throats being slashed; buildings bombed-out and abandoned; barbed-wire separating a "border" between neighborhoods; and little children, whose scars are invisible.

Remains of the Lower Ninth Ward: Katrina Flood Site
I spent an afternoon wandering through the devastated area where hurricane Katrina impacted New Orleans the most. Although a few people have moved back and are trying to rebuild their lives, others have completely abandoned their homes and property, with no hope of return. I could feel the terror and fear of families trapped inside their houses, frantically trying to save who and what they could from the devastation. Hieroglyphs of doom: crayon scrawled on doorways marked the rising flood waters for friends and family who might later come searching for their loved ones. The objects I uncovered and photographed are relics of an appalling tragedy which easily could have been prevented.

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