Stoeng Meanchay
"Stoeng Meanchey" is huge garbage dump just outside of Phnom Penh. Here, hundreds of families struggle to survive by foraging through tons of stinking, fetid garbage in hopes of finding any item which can be sold. The average take is $1 per day. Part of the dump is burning, releasing noxious fumes and smoke; the rest is covered in flies and mud. One local NGO, Cambodian Children's Fund, has helped many of these families by providing them with food, medical care and schooling.

The Conversion Project
The Conversion Project is a work in progress documenting gay women who have manifested an empowering physical change, that corresponds more closely with how they feel about themselves and how they wish to be perceived.

Diversity of Devotion: Celebrating NYC's Spiritual Harmony
During these divisive times, I believe it's especially important for artists to find creative ways to reflect on the extreme religious views causing conflict in the world today. In our post 9/11 New York, we serve as a peaceful model - a microcosm of the world - with many diverse cultures which coexist peacefully alongside each other.

Diversity of Devotion was a community-wide photo-documentary project and competition which took place in November, 2006. It focused on capturing New York's unique communities of worship and exploring its myriad of spiritual and religious beliefs. It's aim is to capture the essence of belief, faith, hope and spirit that exist within the five boroughs.

I am currently the Project Director and Curator of DOD, as well as a participant. These photos are a sample of some of my work for this project.

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